Accolades and Awards

Our prints have won numerous design awards and our work is often cited as examples of great information design. Below are some of our our accolades and awards.

Design Awards
AIGA Design Awards
Three of our prints won multiple AIGA design awards. From AIGA: "Extensive raw research was collected from multiple sources and transformed into a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind visual 'snapshot' of the history of each US Army division which fought in World War II. It was successful because it communicates history in a way unlike anything else."

"AIGA, the professional association for design, stimulates thinking about design, demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage of their careers. Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design"
Design Books and Periodicals
Information Design Workbook Graphic Approaches, Solutions and Inspirations by Kim Baer
HistoryShots is featured as a case study in The Information Design Workbook. The Workbook contains a number of case studies of "Information design highlights and in depth interviews with leading designers in the field."

"There are some who might find Bill Younker and Larry Gormley a bit fanatical. Partners in HistoryShots, the two create complex, elegant information graphics based on history, politics, and sports."
The Information Design Handbook by Jenn Visocky O'Grady and Ken Visocky O'Grady
The Information Design Handbook "Features an inspirational gallery of designs that illustrate how to communicate at a glance, logically, effectively, and with maximum benefit."

From the Handbook, HistoryShots "create unique and engaging posters depicting historical events ... by providing clear and exciting designs that shed new light on major world events."
Visual Language for Designers by Connie Malamed
Connie Malamed's Visual Language for Designers: Principles for Creating Graphics that People Understand contains the visual work of a select group of designers from across the world. Two of HistoryShots graphics are presented as examples of "principles for creating graphics that are comprehensible, memorable, and informative."
Grafik Magazine
HistoryShots was featured in a past issue of Grafik magazine, a London based, graphic design magazine. From the introduction of the six-page special report article: "HistoryShots is dedicated 'to providing context to large, complex subjects by creating graphics with intense content and beautiful designs.' These wouldn't be footnotes in history books -- they would be gorgeous enough so that people would buy them and put them on their walls."
Visualization Experts
Gallery of Data Visualization
HistoryShots is cited in Michael Friendly's best of Visual Explanation section in his Gallery of Data Visualization. From the gallery: "Telling stories of history in words provides for rich detail, analysis, and subtlety, but the linear form of text does not provide for overview, multiple layers or zoomable levels of detail -- abstraction that might be possible in a visual representation. These images are from one of a series of beautifully designed, poster-size charts prepared by Larry Gormley and Bill Younker of HistoryShots."
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