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Chronology Delineated

24" x 36"


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Created by Isaac Eddy and James Wilson in 1813, this graphic maps the chronology of history from 4000 BC to 1813 AD in the form of a large, living tree with each branch representing an empire or state. The branching and forking of empires and civilizations over centuries is fascinating.

Based on the skills of each man, it is believed that Wilson engraved the text while Eddy engraved the pictures in Chronology Delineated. Evidently, Eddy was also a master of early American marketing. Below is a portion of his 1814 prospectus for the print:

“Isaac Eddy, Engraver and Copper Plate Printer, Weathersfield, Vermont has just published, and offers for sale, by the Hundred, Dozen, or Single a CHRONOLOGICAL CHART, to illustrate the History of Monarchial Revolutions. This Chart is the work of an eminent French Historian and Chronologer, and was first published at Paris. The encouragement it has met with among men of genius and learning is no small proof of its general utility. Since its first publication it has passed through twelve large editions in France, besides several in Great Britain.” 

This is a reproduction print. Our vintage infoart collection is our attempt to give new life to forgotten classic data graphics. Each print is crafted from an original that has been scanned at a high-resolution and carefully restored.