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Genealogy of US Airlines

39" x 22"
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Genealogy of US Airlines is a 100-year visual history of the birth and growth of commercial aviation. Trace the fascinating birth of the major airlines that dominant air travel today. Follow the complete journey of an industry that was influenced by Charles Lindbergh’s flight in 1927, from the forced consolidation into the four giant companies in 1930 (United, American, Eastern and TWA) to the expansion of local carriers in the 1940s to the impact of deregulation in 1978. See the rise and fall of the world-famous airlines Pan Am and TWA. 

Along with the main timeline, the chart is framed with 20 vintage airline labels. These classic illustrations provide another view of the history of the airlines. The fonts and colors used in the graphic are inspired by the art deco style of the golden age of travel.

Airlines represented include: United, Delta, American, JetBlue, SouthWest, Hawaiian, Spirit, Alaska, Continental, TWA, Pan American, Western, National, USAir, Frontier, Northwest, Eastern, Central and many others.