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Conquest of Mount Everest

36" x 24"
Print Type: Premium Paper

The successful assault of Mount Everest in 1953 was the result of the heroic effort and sacrifice of every member of the twelve major expeditions from 1921 to 1953. In the words of Sir John Hunt, leader of the 1953 climb, the conquest of Everest is "a tale of sustained and tenacious endeavor by many, over a long period of time." Each expedition added critical knowledge to the planning, routes, skills, and equipment necessary for success.

This print maps the story of the conquest of Everest from 1921 to 1953. It has two related components each with its own intriguing design and rich set of content. On the left, the year, sponsor, duration, dates, height reached, and members of each of the major expeditions are provided. The history of climbers who went on more than one expedition are tracked as well. On the right is a detailed graph of the numerous ascents and descents of the 1953 team as they blazed trails and ferried supplies ever higher up the mountain. In addition, the weather conditions predominate for each day are provided.