The HistoryShots Way

Everything we do, from designing our graphics to fulfilling your order, we strive to do at the highest level of quality. This requires spending the time and effort to focus on the details. And, the only way to do it right is to do everything ourselves. Below is an overview of how your order is fulfilled. We hope it shows you how we're focused on high quality and why this makes us different than most other print sellers. Please note that large volume orders are handled slightly different.

Before we ship your order we do a visual check. We're looking for small spots or wrinkles or any other visual imperfection. The printing process is not perfect and when you print a lot of graphics there are always going to be a few charts with imperfections. That's why you need to check.



Next the print is hand rolled and carefully prepped for shipping. We do it ourselves. We tried to use a third-party, however, every so often they made a mistake or a print was slightly damaged. So, we decided the only way to make sure each order was carefully fulfilled was to do it ourselves.

Each print is carefully rolled by hand and wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with our HistoryShots label. 


Then, the print is slipped into a protective clear poly sleeve. And then placed into a mailing tube. So, that's three levels of protection for your print: tissue, plastic sleeve, and tube.


We use heavy duty, hardcore mailing tubes. We tried other tubes. They cost a lot less money but they don't work as well. Our goal is to make sure your print arrives in the best possible condition.

Our tubes are made by Yazoo Mills, one of America's largest family owned manufacturers of paper tubes and cores. They've been making high-quality tubes for over 50 years and they use 100% recycled paperboard. Without question the best shipping tubes available.


Finally, the tube is sealed with heavy-duty end caps. In addition, just to make sure the end caps stay in place we double tape both ends. Overkill? Perhaps but we've never had a tube pop open during shipment.