Bird's Eye View of Panama Canal

26" x 16"
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A detailed and attractive bird's-eye view and map of the Panama Canal. Started by the French in 1880 this great feat of engineering was completed by the United States in 1914. At the top is a profile view of the canal showing the amount of excavation for each country. Below is a bird's-eye view of the canal covering the entire canal from the Bay of Panama to Lemon Bay. The map identifies the location of every lock and important cities along the canal route. At the time, it was expected that a ship would require 12 hours to pass through the canal and the cost would be about $2.00 per ton.

This graphic was featured in PBS' American Experience, television's most-watched history series.

This is a reproduction print; the original was created circa 1906Our vintage information art collection gives new life to forgotten classic data graphics. Each print is crafted from an original that has been scanned at a high-resolution and carefully restored.